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Ottawa Wills and Estates Lawyers

Top Ottawa Wills and Estates Lawyers

Top Ottawa Wills and Estates Lawyers – Proper will and estate planning is an essential legal exercise almost every adult in Ontario should undertake. A lawyer experienced in will and estate law will ensure your last will is carefully drafted so your last wishes as per the distribution of your assets are fulfilled and also arrange for power of attorney documents for you to appoint someone you trust to act on your behalf should you be rendered unable to make your own decisions.

How would one identify or select Ottawa’s top wills and estates lawyers? Obviously opinions would vary. Attributes or criteria ranked highly by one client or colleague may be given a lesser weighting by others. At the end of the day, experience is often the determining factor. Having the ability to look at positions in an open, unbiased matter – Clearly articulate complex, common law rulings and how they might apply to your case – And bring people in a potentially adversarial setting to an agreed understanding are some of the hallmarks of lawyers in this area of law.

In every field of endeavor, there are those who rise to the very top of their profession.

Those are some of the top Ottawa will and estate lawyers listed below.

Ottawa Wills and Estates Lawyers Name of Law Firm Year Called to Bar
Christopher Clermont Christopher Clermont 1989