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Top family law lawyers in Ottawa

The legislation and common law rulings drawn on to deal with matters relating to family law and matrimonial law in Ontario are incredibly voluminous and complicated. New common law rulings are a regular occurrence. These areas of law can encompass everything from adoption to child and spousal support. Pre-nuptial agreements to divorce. Division of assets to restraining orders – and everything in between.

It is vitally important, at this emotional time, that you have an experienced professional on your side. You need the best or top Ottawa family law lawyers to help outline your obligations and preserve your rights and interests.

Ottawa Family Law Lawyers Law Firm Year of Call
Judy L. Antymniuk MacKinnon & Phillips 1993
Bryan Delaney Delaney’s Law Firm 2004
Angela Daniels Daniels Law Firm 2005

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Top Ottawa Family Law Lawyers