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SEO for Ottawa Lawyers and Ottawa Law Firms: I’m a Ottawa Lawyer. How can this website help my practice?

I don’t want to sound too disparaging, but frankly, there are only a handful of Ottawa law firms and individual Ottawa lawyers that “Get” search engine optimization (SEO).

Many make admirable attempts. Some do it very well. Most do it poorly. This is totally understandable given the demands of tending to your clients and a busy legal practice.

Still, I find it peculiar that so many Ottawa lawyers and law firms adopt an “If you build it. They will come.” approach when it comes to their online presence. In my experience and in my humble opinion; – Law – is the most competitive industry when it comes to search. The cost-per-click (CPC) for many keywords in other areas of the economy is, literally, nickels and dimes. Legal terms and/or keywords, on the other hand (and as you may already know), can cost several dollars per click for a decent appearance.

Regardless of the area of law you practice, you are competing with every other lawyer in your city. Everyone is chasing the same keywords and/or phrases and the same prospective client’s eyeballs.

You need a leg up. An advantage.

Inbound links from quality, topical, external websites (such as ours) to your website can be that advantage and is one thing we offer you through our professional biography listings and side bar advertisements.

The other thing we can offer you – The ability for John and Jane Q. Public to find you and your firm’s website directly through our highly ranked website.

Without a dedicate webmaster and SEO expert, you may find it difficult to acquire a top spot in Google and other search engines. However, for a small fee, you can acquire an ad or listing on our site and achieve a “de facto” top spot through our top ranked website.

We are just getting started here. We succeed when you succeed! How do we define that success? By delivering traffic (Those all important, aforementioned eyeballs) to your website. Even if you only acquire a single client each year through us, your investment here will pay for itself.

It is our goal to achieve top rankings for all applicable search terms across all areas of law, including:

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